Wakuoo provides two places for users to find and download games and apps – the searching bar on the welcome page and Google Play Store. If you do not know how to find and download games and apps, please click here to find out. If you cannot find the games or apps that you want in the searching bar, we recommend you to visit Play Store.

In other cases, you may experience no searching result situation for the following reasons:


1. Different Android version

  1. First, please search the name of the game (App) in this format “XXXXX + Google Play” with Google via Browser to get more information about this game (App)

2. Scroll down to view the Requires Android in the Additional Information of the game (App)

3. Check the current Android version of Wakuoo that you are using by going to the settings tab >> system info >> Android version. If the game requires Android 9 or higher, or it's not compatible for some reason, contact our Facebook HelpTeam using the Feedback Tab.


2. 64-bit Games

In most cases, mobile games are developed for 32-bit devices, however, there are a few cases that some games only support the 64-bit device. Wakuoo is developed as 32-bit software, therefore, there will be no searching results in the build-in Goole Play Store.

If you cannot find the game in the build-in Goole Play Store, please make sure whether it is a 64-bit game. If it is, you could contact our Facebook HelpTeam using the Feedback Tab.


3. Game not available in your Region

  1. Please first make sure that this game is available in your country.
  2. If not, you could download this game from Google Play using a region-restricted Google account + VPN connection. For example, if you want to play a mobile game that's only available in Japan, you need to log in to your Japanese Google Account first, then choose a Japanese route in your VPN.