If you have enabled VT in your BIOS but Wakuoo still cannot detect it, which results in related errors, follow the instructions below:


1. Resolve anti-virus or firewall confliction

2. Disable Windows Hyper-V to run VT

3. Reboot your PC and relaunch Wakuoo

4. Disable VT and re-enable it

Step 1. Check your system information in Wakuoo and find out your computer model or BIOS type 

For example, I'm using LENOVO-81J8

Step 2. Enter the BIOS interface: Reboot your PC first, then while rebooting, press the shortcut Delete/ F12 (or the proper shortcut for your computer model) continuously to enter the BIOS interface.

Note: if the keyboard shortcut Delete/ F12 don't work or you are using a special computer model, please search for the effective way to enter BIOS interface. For example, in my case I could search for “How to enter BIOS for LENOVO-81J8” 

Step 3. Enable/Disable VT 

  1. Find the corresponding VT option on the BIOS page. (Mostly called Virtual or Virtualization, in some cases VT-X or SVM)
In my case, VT setting is under Configuration >> Intel Virtual Technology >> Enabled/Disabled
  1. Click Advanced >>  Processor (CPU) >> Virtual or Virtualization, for some computers, VT is under Configuration or Security.
  2. Set the VT option to Enabled/Disabled.
  3. Press Save (usually F10) or Exit Saving Changes to save and exit (Save & Exit).