Wakuoo is a brand-new gameplay platform that allows you to play mobile games on PC. It comes with multiple Android versions (Android 7 and Android 9 are automatically deployed) and is perfectly compatible with Intel and AMD devices. Wakuoo supports all game sources that are verified by Google Play Store, and both iOS and Android players can log in to their game account to experience ALL fresh, trendy, and hot mobile games on PC, with little effort but a boost in performance. Wakuoo – the pacesetter, the challenger, the surfer – is ready for the game.



Why Wakuoo?

COMPLICATED V.S. One SIMPLE Click, We Are Different!

Different from traditional emulators, Wakuoo helps you download and play mobile games more easily.

Our advantages:

  1. Keyboard and mouse support: directly use keyboard and mouse to input and operate within applications and games.
  2. Large screen with high resolution: one click to enter full screen mode, experience games and apps with a larger interface, and a wider and broader view.
  3. External device connection: support headsets, handles or gamepads, gain professional gaming experiences in MOBA, FPS, or any other game types that you could think of.
  4. Multi-Android Instances: one click to switch engines automatically, no need to worry about other settings with multiple Android versions available!



Designed for Both Pro-gamers and Rookies, We Offer Many Choices!

  1. Not good at computers? Won't be a problem! Wakuoo is way simpler than traditional emulators.
  2. Not familiar with keyboard mapping? Try our AI automatic settings or connect your own device!
  3. Need to kill time during work? Wakuoo allows you to use TikTok and Snapchat on your office PC!
  4. Want immersive gaming experiences? No worries, developped with top-notch technology, Wakuoo offers you the stablest and smoothest gaming experience. No lag, no annoying messages, you'll never be bothered in the world of games.

And – Wakuoo cares about your safety: All downloads are verified by Google Play Security!



Download Wakuoo on our website, or you could also find Wakuoo on our partner sites.

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