In the system settings window, you could change config general, performance, interface, sound, game, and phone model/ internet settings of Wakuoo.

1. General

In general settings you could restore default settings and do other basic configurations.


2. Performance

You could change graphics rendering mode to resolve some game issues here. And if you are not comfortable with the current resolution setting, you could also change it here. 

Wakuoo set your CPU settings by default; if you are not satisfied with it, you could also customize.


3. Interface

You could change your mouse pattern here.


4. Sound 

Wakuoo usually detects your speaker automatically. But if you have multiple speakers, you could also change the settings here. If there are any sound issues when you are using Wakuoo, always feel free to contact us via Facebook.


5. Game

You could change frame settings here (Wakuoo sets it to 60 by default, which is also the best setting for most of the games). If you wanna, you could also enable high FPS mode. Wakuoo also enables ASTC texture by default (which will help the graphics be clearer), but you are always free to turn it off.


6. Phone model and internet

You could use the default model set by Wakuoo, or customize it. Here is the list of default phone models.


After each time you finish setting, don't forget to click save.