About the Game

Remember the secret code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A to get extra lives?

After a 30-year hiatus, the Contra you know and love is back!

In Contra Returns, players can enjoy the classic side-scrolling gameplay, two-person teams, alien bosses, and signature settings and soundtrack from the original series! All with updated HD resolution, 3D character models, and vivid acoustic and visual effects to deliver a sensory experience like no other! Get your fighting spirit all fired up with innovative content: real-time PvP battles, unique heroes, companions, and team mode! Legendary heroes Bill and Lance are making a comeback, so let’s kick some alien butt and save the world!

Developed by famous Japanese game company KONAMI and world-leading game developer TIMI, Contra Returns aims to bring the classic Contra experience to mobile platforms. But let me tell you a secret: there is still a way to play it using controller or PC keyboard if you are feeling nostalgic, which transport you straight back to the 90s, but could also brings you the best gaming experience. Keep reading to find out!



The Best Nostalgic Game

Even though gameplay on mobile phones is becoming the biggest trend,  you might miss the time when everything is just simple — check this pic below: do you still remember this Nintendo entertainment system? Especially, this controller?

Nostalgia evoked, right? It’s also easy to recall the days when games were displayed on TV or screens bigger than iPhone. Let’s admit it:  Controller/keyboard + big screen is always the best option for die-hard gamers. Then you might wonder: is there a way to play Contra or any games with keyboard or gamepads (handle or controller) again? 

Hmmm… sounds hard, but quite easy actually.



Download and Play Contra Returns on PC

Follow the steps to download and play Contra Returns on PC:

1.Download and install Wakuoo on your PC

Wakuoo allows you to play mobile games on PC. All you need to do to download a game is to login your Google Play Store account, then you could search for the game like how you do it on your mobile phone. We would recommend you to download Wakuoo on our website here — on Wakuoo, users can run mobile games at any Android version (Android5/7/9). Gaming with PC screen and keyboard, users could get both a better visual and a greater keyboard-control experience. 


2.Search for the game“Contra returns”in the searching bar on the left


3. Install the game (note: Wakuoo automatically redirects you to Google Play Store)

If notified, you could login to your Google account in the pop-up window

Also note: you could access Google Play Store at any time on the main page of Wakuoo


4. After installation, you could enjoy the game at any time by clicking the game icon!



Play Contra Returns Using Keyboard or Gamepad

Follow the steps to set keyboard or controller mappings to play Contra Returns:

1.Find “Keyboard mapping” on your toolbar


2.Enter keyboard settings (this step is for gameplay using keyboard, if you want to know about controller, keep reading)


3.Drag your preferred keysets to the game area and set them

For Contra Returns, all you need to do is to move forward or backward, shoot or release a skill cast. Since the game is quite simple, you just need to set 2 keys: 1. D-pad and 2. Single Click.

  • 1. D-pad: Drag the key to the left to cover the orginal key, then you are done
  • To be more clear, D-pad controls your moving direction and Wakuoo sets the key as WASD by default, which is the commonly used keyset, but users can also customize it to preferred settings.
  • 2. Single Click: Drag the key to your preferred area, set a key for skill release, then done!
  • To be clear, Single-click is the keyset which allows users to tap the key to perform one click. Users can set any key in the keyboard to release a skill or finish one operation. For example, I set Space for Jump, U for Multiple-Shoot, H for Grenade, J for Shoot.
  • After settings the two keys, click Save to exit.
  • If you feel the information provided is not enough or you would like to know about more about keyboard mapping on Wakuoo, check here.


4. For controllers, it's basically the same

  • Connect your controller to your PC and Wakuoo will automatically detect it
  • Enter Controller interface in Keyboard Mapping setting
  • Then set the keys! For example, a suggestion could be, Left Joystick for moving direction control, and preferred keys for single click. If you are still confused about how to set it, check here for a detailed tutorial.


Here is the effect to play it using keyboard mapping or controller!


Now you could get the best gaming experience for Contra!