In this tutorial, you will be introduced to:

  1. Controller configuration in Wakuoo
  2. Introduction of all controller keys 
  3. Mouse mode for controller
  4. Solutions to controller connection failure



Controller Configuration

Wakuoo provides a set of key-mapping for controller users to match the joystick and make the game more simple and convenient. There are 8 keys (including mouse mode) totally in the controller configuration, which can be applied to different games. When you connect your controller on PC, Wakuoo will automatically recognize your controller and connect it.


Follow the steps below to set controller configuration:

  1. Find controller configuration
  2. Check the interface of controller config
  3. Change controller config follow the introductions: set keys of Left Joystick, Right Joystick, Single Click, Multistrike, View Control, Script/Macro


Step1. Find Controller Configuration

  1. Click Keyboard mapping
  1. Click Controller


Step2. Now you can see the Interface of Controller Configuration

Step3. Change controller config follow the introductions below




Introduction of All Controller Keys

The introduction of configuring all keys is as follows:

1. Left Joystick

Left Joystick can control the movement of the character.

  • Click  Left Joystick
  • Move it to the direction control area
  • Save the key


2.Right Joystick

Right Joystick can control the view or cast skills in the SLG+3D game, such as Identity V.

  • Click Right Joystick
  • Drag the button
  • Save the key


3. Single Click

Single-click is the keyset which allows users to tap the key to perform one click. Users can set any key in the keyboard to release a skill or finish one operation.

  • Click Single Click
  • Drag the button to set the key
  • Save the key



4. Multistrike

Multistrike is the keyset which allows users to tap the key to perform multiple strikes. There are two modes: Long press mode and Click mode. The difference between these two modes is that Long press mode means to long-press to attack multiple times per second, and Click mode means to perform multistrike by one click.

  • Click Multistrike
  • Drag the button and choose one mode
  • Set the key
  • Save the key


5. View Control

View control means that users can move the sight in a first-person perspective by the keyboard ( especially in the 3D shooter game, such as Honkai Impact 3). Users can choose to set View Control by the mouse or keyboard according to different games.

Note: you can choose to turn on the widget of the keyset or not, when you turn on the widget, you can limit the moving range of the viewing angle such as in Brawl Stars

  • Click View Control
  • Set a key
  • Save  the key



6. Script/Macro

Script/Macro is a series of actions based on the command of Wakuoo that are “played” upon demand with one click. With the Script key, you could designate a string of actions to a single keystroke to simplify your operations in games. Click here to check how to set Script or Macro for controller. 

  • Click script
  • Drag the button
  • Edit the script
  • Save the key


7. Zoom

Zoom can simulate the two-finger movement to help users to have a better gaming experience. For many games, such as Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile, users can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out in games. 

  • Click zoom
  • Drag the button
  • Edit the script
  • Save the key


Additional: Opacity Settings

Opacity Settings means the sharpness and transparency that appears on the screen after setting the keyboard. The lower the transparency, the less obvious the key display on your screen. (we recommended set the value more than 20%)



Mouse Mode for Controller

In Wakuoo, the controller can replace the mouse to move and click. Follow these steps to set mouse mode of controller.

  1. Connect the controller to your PC
  2. Click Keyboard Mapping
  3. Click Mouse Mode
  4. Configure the keys


Step1. Connect the controller to your PC first (detailed tutorial check the content above)

Step2. Click Keyboard mapping

Step3. Run the game you wanna play and click Mouse Mode, then drag the key to the suitable position.

Step4. Configure the key

  1. Press the key on the left side to enter/exit the shooting mode: LT
  2. Press the key on the right side to simulate the mouse to click: RT
  3. Moving speed: Adjust the sensitivity of the right joystick to control the movement of the mouse. 

Note: The right joystick simulates the movement of the mouse, pressing the key to simulate the mouse click.




Solution to Controller Connection Failure

If you connect the controller successfully, Wakuoo will show an notification.

Note: For some games, after the controller is successfully connected, the player needs to configure the controller mappinging by themselves before the game can be played normally~


If you fail to connect the controller, there are 3 methods to solve the problem:

  1. Use USB to connect
  2. Check if connected in PC settings
  3. Reboot emulator and reconnect


Method 1: Please make sure to use the USB to connect the controller. At present, Wakuoo only supports USB connection but does not support Bluetooth connection.

Method 2: Check if the controller has connected to your PC in the computer settings. 

  1. Open the Control Panel and click Hardware and Sound

2. Click Device and Printers to check if your controller shows on the device list.


Method 3: If the controller icon appears in the "Device", but it is not recognized by the emulator, please disconnect the controller, restart the emulator and try to connect the controller again.