In this tutorial, you will find:

  1. Introduction to keyboard mapping 
  2. Recommended keyboard mapping
  3. Keyboard configuration import
  4. For keyboard mapping of controller/gamepad, check here



Introduction to Keyboard Mapping

Wakuoo provides a set of keyboard mapping for users to control the game with the smart key to make the game more simple and convenient. There are 14 keys totally in the keyboard configuration, which can be combined with each other and applied to different games according to different demands. 

On the toolbar, find Keyboard Mapping.

Then you could see the keyboard settings interface:

Generally, you could set keyboard mapping by dragging and adding preferred keys. Remember to save:

When you finish setting, click the button on the upper right corner to exit:



There are the instructions of all keys and ways to set them as follows:

1. D-pad

D-pad is the direction control which means to control the moving direction by the keyboard, Wakuoo sets the key of WASD by default, but users can also set it according to your habits.

  • Click D-pad
  • Drag it to your preferred direction control area
  • Save the key


2. Single Click

Single-click is the keyset which allows users to tap the key to perform one click. Users can set any key in the keyboard to release a skill or finish one operation.

  • Click Single click
  • Drag the button to set the key
  • Save the key


3. Multistrike

Multistrike is the keyset which allows users to tap the key to perform multiple strikes. There are two modes: Long press mode and Click mode. The difference between these two modes is that Long press mode means to long-press to attack multiple times per second, and Click mode means to perform multistrike by one click.

  • Click Multistrike
  • Drag the button and choose one mode
  • Set the key
  • Save the key


4. Move Control

Move Control means to move with the right-click of the mouse in the MOBA game and supports to adjust the distance of moving, which will control and move the character more conveniently.

  • Click Move Control
  • Drag to the direction control area
  • Adjust moving distance: the number indicates the distance, 47 is the default distance, you can choose to keep it or not according to your needs
  • Save the key



5. Shooting Mode

Shooting mode is the special mode for shooting in FPS games, which means you can hide the cursor and control the view with the mouse. In this mode, you can control the view more conveniently by moving your mouse directly. 


6. Fire

Fire means to fire a weapon with left-click in FPS game, such as PUBG, Free Fire. 

  • Click Fire
  • Set a key
  • Save the key



7. View Control

View control means that users can move the sight in a first-person perspective by the keyboard ( especially in the 3D shooter game, such as Honkai Impact 3). Users can choose to set View Control by the mouse or keyboard according to different games. 

  • Click View Control
  • Choose mouse or keyboard

View Control by Mouse: For example, you could set the “ctrl” key to rotate view, and move the mouse with long-pressing the X button without releasing your hand
View Control by Keyboard: the default key is ↑ ↓ ← →, you can directly control the view by the four keys, or you can change the key according to your habits
The effects brought by the two modes are the same, choose one according to your own habits

  • Save the key



8. Targeted Skill

Wakuoo has customized a set of special keymappings by targeted skill pad just for MOBA games such as RoV (Arena of Valor), Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and so on, which will smart-cast the skill in the direction of the mouse cursor, so as to help players release the skill more precisely and control the character more conveniently. 

There are three modes for MOBA skill pad: Auto Cast, Quick Cast and Manual Cast

Auto cast means to cast skill when releasing the key
Quick cast means to cast skill when pressing the key
Manual cast means that players need to press the key again or right-click to cast skill.

  • Click Targeted Skill
  • Drag the button and set the key. 
  • Choose one of the three modes.
  • Save the key



9. Macro/Script

Script/Macro is a series of actions based on the command of Wakuoo that are “played” upon demand with one click. With the Script key, you could designate a string of actions to a single keystroke to simplify your operations in games. For details please check A Guide to Macro/Script.


10. G-sensor

G-sensor can simulate gravity sensor in motion sensor game, such as Doodle Jump. By setting the key, it will simulate the direction like the mobile phone.

  • Click G-sensor
  • Drag the button
  • Note: the default key is ↑ ↓ ← →, you can change it according to your habits.
  • Save the key


11. GPS Simulation

GPS simulation can simulate the movement of the real world in the AR+LBS game, such as Pokemon Go and supports to set the moving speed, which can help you move all over the world. For instance, users can discover more Pokémon as soon as possible by this function.

  • Click GPS simulation
  • Drag the button and set a GPS route and adjust walking speed
  • Save the key



12. Zoom

Zoom can simulate the two-finger movement to help users to have a better gaming experience. For many games, such as Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile, users can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out in games. 


13. Slide

Slide key-set is a new function in the keyboard mapping that can simulate the fingers to slide on the screen, which means you can draw any line according to your needs to make the operation. 


14. Keyboard Shortcut

Using Keyboard Shortcut, you can utilize one key to execute multiple commands, for instance, press one key to open the bag, switch the equipment, and close the bag. 

  • Click and drag Keyboard shortcut
  • Set the same command for all keysets
  • Drag all keysets to preferred places


Detailed Instruction for Keyboard Shortcut

1. You just need to set the same commands for all keysets, for example, set “H" for all the keysets as the image shows below. The left side button can adjust the number of the keyset, for instance, click "+" to add a key, click "-" to remove a key. For instance, if you wanna add keysets, then click "+".

2. You can see the numbers under Keyboard Shortcuts, which represents the execution sequence according to the order. Press the shortcut key, the command will be executed in order. Drag all the keysets to the skill position or other positions that you wanna make the same command. For instance, Click H for 3 times to make the operation in the 3 positions. 

3. Click the setting icon to change effective waiting time to trigger the key. Note: If the keyset is not pressed within the effective time, then the first keyset will be triggered again.


Additional: Opacity Settings

Opacity Settings means the sharpness and transparency that appears on the screen after setting the keyboard. The lower the transparency, the less obvious the key display on your screen. (we recommended set the value more than 20%)



Recommended Keyboard Mapping by Wakuoo

For most of the games, Wakuoo will recommend an official keyboard mapping, users can choose to use the keyboard or customize your own keyboard. 

Wakuoo has developed the two-finger function to help users to have better gaming experience. For many games, such as Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile, users can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out in games. However, some games do not support this feature, therefore, in order to provide better gaming experience to our users, Wakuoo has developed the two-finger function to help them to zoom in or out in games. There are two modes of the two-finger function: two-finger pinch and two-finger pan.

1. Two-finger Pinch

Just as the name replies, Wakuoo uses the mouse cursor to perform the operation of two fingers to zoom in or out.

2. Two-finger pan

Use the two-finger pan to change the view in game.




Keyboard Configuration Import 

Wakuoo allows users to export the keyboard configuration and import the saved key-settings. There are 4 steps to import keyboard configurations:

  1. Open the folder of keyboard settings
  2. Find keyboard configuration file in the folder
  3. Copy and paste file
  4. Reboot the engine


Step1. Click keyboard mapping on the toolbar and open the folder of the keyboard settings for the related game.

Step2. Take the game: Free Fire as an example, then you will find the keyboard configurations in your computer, like com.dts.freefireth.

Step3. Copy and paste the total file with the resolution to your computer, and remember the original restore path: Local > Wakuoo > keyboardConfig, you can directly search keyboardConfig in your C drive.

Step4. Copy the file with the resolution like 1600 to the corresponding file: keyboardConfig and then reboot, and you will find the saved key-set you used before.