Hi guys! If you are having trouble with running FF7FS on other PC emulators, try out the phone mirroring feature on Wakuoo! With Wakuoo Mirror, you can download the game on your phone, and control it on PC with keyboard and mouse control. 

Follow the instructions below to play Final Fantasy 7 the First Soldier on Wakuoo:

1. Download and install Wakuoo


2. Start Wakuoo


3. Find [Phone Mirroring] on the title bar of Wakuoo >> Click [Launch now]

Note: to know more about Wakuoo Mirror, click here


4. Plugin your Android phone to your PC >> you'll see your phone screen on Wakuoo!

Note: for FAQs of Wakuoo Mirror, click here


5. Download Final Fantasy 7 the First Soldier on your phone >> Start the game on your phone


6. Set keyboard mapping on Wakuoo, enjoy the game!


To know more about keyboard and controller mapping on Wakuoo, check here.