Method 1


  1. Open Wakuoo-Mirror


2. Then your pc will pop up permission to allow the microphone, please click 【Add the device


3. Select Add Bluetooth or other devices, then click Bluetooth

4. Open your mobile phone and connect the Bluetooth to pair the device.



It is recommended to lower the volume or use it with Wakuoo-Mirror 's exclusive mobile phone widget!


Method 2


Windows10 system


Method 1: Use the built-in Bluetooth connection of the computer


Reminder: Both mobile phones and computers support Bluetooth, and windows10 version 2004 or above

For users whose Windows version is too low, click here to upgrade the system

Guide: Open the application store of windows, search and install the following software: Bluetooth Audio Receiver

How to use: 

  1. Open the Bluetooth link between the computer and the mobile phone,
  2. Connect the mobile phone to the computer
  3. Open the software
  4. Select the mobile phone, and click Open Connection


Method 2: Utilize AUX audio cable (the microphone can still output sound when the phone is turned on)


Prepare an AUX cable and utilize the audio cable to connect the mobile phone with the computer. 


Turn on the sound -> select high definition audio --> select the device


① Open the "Control Panel" and select "Devices and Printers".
② Click "Add Device", select your mobile phone, and then click "Next".
③ The pairing code will pop up on the mobile phone and the computer. Then install the driver  (usually the driver will be installed automatically).
④ Right-click the newly added phone, select "Advanced Operation", "Connect high definition audio source".