If you want to install other regions/countries' games into Wakuoo, you will mostly install it by using APK. But currently, Wakuoo does not support installing the APK file of the game by drag-and-drop it to its main window, but you can install the apk to Wakuoo through the Chrome browser.  Here are the simple steps for installing APK.

  1. Search for Google Chrome: Fast & Secure in Wakuoo
  2. Install Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
  3. Search for the game's APK in Chrome browser
  4. Download the APK and wait until it's complete
  5. Install the game using the APK
  6. Enjoy it on Wakuoo!



Here are the detailed steps with screenshot instructions:

Step 1: In the search bar of Wakuoo, search for the keyword: Google Chrome: Fast & Secure and install the chrome browser app.

Please use the exact keyword “Google Chrome: Fast & Secure” or the app might not be found!


Step 2: After clicking Install, Wakuoo will launch an android drive for you. In this new window, log in to your Google account, then you'll be directed to this Google Chrome downloading page automatically, click install again.


Step 3. Now Open Chrome, search for the APK download site of the game that you want in the Google search bar. The editor's using Pokemon UNITE as an example.


Step 4. Find a site that's legit and download the APK to Wakuoo.


Step 5. Wait a moment till the download is complete, then click install to install the APK to Wakuoo. 

Note: to see this downloading process as shown below, swipe down from the top of your Wakuoo window like how you did it on your tablet or phone.


Step 6. After the APK is installed on Wakuoo, click open to play it on Wakuoo.

Please note: if you cannot load the game or encounter a black screen issue, it might be caused by the APK itself. Install another APK from another website and retry.

Now you can play the game by installing its APK on Wakuoo normally!


In addition, the icon of the game that you installed will also appear in the main drive interface. You can play it anytime by clicking its icon.

Note: if you need VPN services, please download it from the Play Store.


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