Starting from V1.0.0.6, Wakuoo adds a new free feature – OnMic, which allows users to start voice chatting during their gameplay on Wakuoo. Using OnMic, users will be able to create voice chatrooms that realize real-time, clear, and stable voice transmission. From now on you can play your favorite games on Wakuoo, and in the meantime, team up with your friends or strangers with the same game interests. Currently, playing Free Fire, Ragnarok X, LOL: Wild Rift, and ... while voice chatting with your friends and people of your choice is no longer a dream.

Keep reading to find out:

  1. A brief intro of OnMic
  2. Why is the new feature OnMic so worth trying
  3. How to start voice chatting / create chatrooms with OnMic
  4. Other features of OnMic



I. A brief intro of OnMic

OnMic is a real-time audio & voice chat app that allows both interactions and socialization. Everyone using OnMic can start a room and chat for free. In the new social scene created by OnMic, you can be a host of a club or a guest on the mic, or you can be the audience listening to the discussion. It's the same as joining a live stream, but you can only talk and listen in this case. You can find people sharing the same interests as you in OnMic, especially if you are a gamer, you are able to voice chat with your friends during team fights or make new friends in the public chatrooms for the game(s).


II. Why is the new feature OnMic so worth trying

With OnMic, you can:

  1. start voice chatting with your friends during your gameplay
  2. interact/communicate with friends during team fights in private
  3. find your allies in public chatrooms for your favorite games
  4. improve the gaming experience as a whole by finding friends that share a common interest, holding and joining voice chats at a stable network speed.


III. How to start voice chatting / create chatrooms with OnMic

Upgrade to version first to use this feature.

Step 1: On the main Wakuoo interface, click on the purple OnMic icon in the upper right corner of Wakuoo.

Step 2: Wakuoo will open a new window for OnMic. You need to log in to continue using it. There are currently two login methods for you to choose from: log in with your Google account (Gmail account), or log in with Facebook.

Step 3: After opening the main interface of OnMic, in the upper right corner, click Quick Create to create a free chat room. When the Create a room window opens, enter the name of your voice chat room, then click Create.

You can also set a password for your voice chat room, if you set a password, your voice chat room will be in a non-public state, you need to share this password with your friends so that they can enter the voice chat room you created.


  1. If you want to create a public voice chat room for the purpose of making friends (anyone can enter your chat room to chat), you should not set a password.
  2. The chat room with the password set will be in a non-public state (the lock sign), the chat room without the password will be in the public state (the unlock sign)

Step 4: After creating the chat room, you can start inviting friends into the newly created room for voice chat. To invite friends to join, you need to copy the voice chat room id you created and send it to you your friend will search the chat room id on the top right search box to find your chat room.

①Room setting/Password: Set password for the chat room, the password-set chat room will be in a non-public state (lock sign), chat room without a password will be in a public state (open sign)

②Room ID: Voice chat room ID, you need to copy this id and send it to your friends, your friends will search for this ID on OnMic's main interface to find your chat room.

③Leave the room: Click here when you want to end the chat and close the chat room.

④Settings: Here you can change the chat room name, change the chat room password settings


IV. Other features of OnMic

①Refresh Voice Hall: Reload (refresh) the interface of OnMic.

②Return to the ongoing room: Return to the voice chat room that you are interacting with.

③Discover club: this is the convergence of voice chat topics that many people are interested in related to game topics such as Free Fire, Pubg Mobile, Among Us... you can join and chat rooms you like to interact and communicate with.

④Messenger Center: A place to add friends and find new friends.

⑤User Center: here you can configure preferences for your account such as Personal Info (setting avatar, name, bio; blacklist management; Log out (log out account).


Have fun playing games with Wakuoo!

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